Gen Con 2016

This is a list of our Gen Con workshops for 2016. The times, dates, and offerings are subject to change. If you are going to Gen Con, we’d love to have you at one of our workshops! If you are not going to Gen Con, but are interested in any of these workshops, drop Mandy a line and we can figure out a time that she can teach you or your group any of these topics.

Thursday August 4th

9-11 Leather Softbound Book – Longstitch ($18)
Create a leather journal with a soft wraparound cover. This technique is perfect for a beginner or experienced book binder. The binding style this year is different from the style we taught last year. We will use supple leather to create a softbound blank journal. The binding style used this year creates a beautiful pattern on the spine.

11-1 Leather Softbound Book – Longstitch ($18)
((See Above))

3-5 Sculpt Custom Accessories with Thermo Plastic ($24)
Do you want to create pieces for a game you’re designing, elements for your latest costume, or customized dolls & accessories? We will explore the unique advantages of working with thermo plastic.
In this workshop, you will receive a packet of thermo plastic to create an accessory, toy, tool, or whatever you can come up with. We will learn the basics of how to work with the material including how to color it, different methods of modeling it, useful tools, ways of coloring your creations, and more.

5-7 Japanese Stab Binding ($18)
Japanese stab binding can be used to make hard or soft bound books. We will create a book using a basic style then discuss how to design your own patterns & practice them.

7-9 Japanese Stab Binding ($18)
((See Above))

Friday August 5th

9-11 Dragon Egg Using Epoxy Clay ($24)
We will create a textured dragon egg using A/B epoxy clay. Learn how how to use epoxy clay while adding texture/color to make a sculpture that looks like a dragon egg.
During this workshop, we will learn about A/B epoxy clay. Various ways of adding texture and color will be discussed an you will receive enough materials to complete your egg during or after the workshop. The clay requires time to cure and harden. You may leave your egg with the instructor for safe keeping and pick it up later in the day.

11-1 Dragon Egg Using Epoxy Clay ($24)
((See Above))

2-4 Post Apocalyptic Crafting ($24)
A crafter’s gotta craft! The end of the world as we know it won’t stop our need to make things. Let’s explore ways to create tools, materials, & items when you have to make do with what you’ve got.
Life as we know it may change… Drastically! However, the ability to create will always be essential as long as we live. After all, throughout time, we have created for survival reasons: trade, repair, utility, entertainment, and documentation. We will make do with what we can find to create tools, materials, and finished items in a post apocalyptic scenario.

4-6 Post Apocalyptic Crafting ($24)
((See Above))

6-8 Book Binding Without Tools ($18)
See how easy it is to make books using no tools or adhesives. We will make at least 3 books using different binding techniques.

8-10 Book Binding Without Tools ($18)
((See Above))


Saturday August 6th

9-11 “Lossless” Book Binding – Binding Single Pages ($18)
The question was raised, “Can you bind a book of single pages in a way that you can see the whole page?” We found the answer; Yes! We will make 2-3 books that solve this problem.
There are different options to make a book with single sheets of unfolded paper with little to no loss of each page. We will create sample books and discuss the pro/cons and variations of all the techniques to suit your specific needs.

11-1 “Lossless” Book Binding – Binding Single Pages ($18)
((See Above))

3-5 Secret Belgian Binding – Hardback Book ($24)
Combining Japanese & English binding styles, the Belgian style first creates a 3-piece hardback cover & then adds a multi-section book block.
Once you have learned enough binding styles, you will find that anything can be used to make a book. We will create a hardback cover and spine that could easily be substituted with wood, metal, cardboard, plastic, leather, or even stone tiles.

5-7 Secret Belgian Binding – Hardback Book ($24)
((See Above))

7-9 Sculpt Custom Accessories with Thermo Plastic ($24)
((See Above Day 1))

A note about all workshops:
You will receive everything you need to start and finish this project. Most people will complete the project during the 2-hour workshop. If you have taken a workshop with us in the past, you may find parts of this workshop familiar, but you will also gain new information.
Feel free to bring your own tools or materials you might want to use to add to your piece.

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