Ornament Exchange

When my dad was in Vietnam, he made Christmas tree ornaments out of spent artillery shells, glue, and glitter. Growing up, these were some of the most highly prized ornaments that went up on the tree. I remember being fascinated with them more than any other ornament. (That is not to say I was not interested in the salt dough ornaments my mother made and I ate when no one was looking.)

This winter, Indy Upcycle will take part in the Broad Ripple Lights Up Tour. As part of that, we will have on display a tree and we need your help!

Our theme is handmade ornaments and trimmings, so we’ve decided to hold an ornament exchange. Here’s what you have to do to be a part of it:

Create two identical ornaments and bring them to Indy Upcycle by November 30th. (Wow! That happens to be Small Business Saturday!*) Make sure to attach a tag with your name to each ornament.
* One ornament will be exchanged with another participant
* The other ornament will go on our tree and be returned to you after the first of the year.

We will have the exchange ornaments ready for pickup on December 2nd.
We will have the display ornaments ready for pickup on January 2nd.

So, are you in? We hope so!

We can’t wait to see what you make!

P.S. Do you create for a living or a hobby? We’re totally OK with you putting your business name or online store URL on the back of your name tag. Show us a sample of your work! It’s a great time to advertise!

*If you spend $25 at  any small business with your American Express Card on November 30th (Small Business Saturday) you’ll get a $25 credit on your next statement. As it happens, our gift cards are $25!

Children’s Book Illustration Contest

It’s been exactly 6 months since we launched our last contest, and we hear you have been itching to do another one, so here it is!

This time the medium is paper and the topic is a scene from your favorite children’s book or nursery rhyme.

Grab a pair of scissors, some glue, and come in for some free paper!

Here’s how it will work:

1. Between now(10/23/2013) and next Wednesday(10/30/2013), come in and sign up to participate by giving us your name and email address. Then select up to 10 sheets of 12×12 scrapbook paper from our inventory. (Regular weight, not the heavy weight or card stock kind.) In the unlikely event that we run out, we must say that it’s first come/first served. We just ask that you, please, only sign up if you truly intend to finish the project. :)

2. Between now and November 18th, create a story book image using cut paper. Remember, we want to see YOUR work, so please create your own composition and don’t just redo an existing page from a book.

5. Submit your project to Indy Upcycle by emailing photo(s) of it or by bringing it in for us to photograph no later than 5:00PM November 18th. (We will send out a couple reminders by email and on Facebook.)
Along with your image we need: Your Name, The Story Title, and One Line of Text that goes with your piece. The one line should be a line of text from your story (i.e. “…and Jill came tumbling after.”) This will serve as the title of your piece.

6. Photos of the projects will be uploaded to Facebook by 10PM on November 19th. From then until 10PM on Friday the 22nd, Facebook fans will vote for their favorite project. (“likes” will earn a project 1 point, comments will earn a project 3 points, shares will earn a project 3 points, and our three favorites will earn an extra 5 points.)

7. The top 3 winners will receive a $10 Indy Upcycle credit and a Indy Upcycle Bumper sticker.